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Teaching for a Better World: Learning for sustainability

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What should we tell the children?

Notes from a public lecture

Portrait of Dave Hicks

David was formerly Professor in the School of Education, Bath Spa University, where he helped develop and taught on the undergraduate Education Studies degree. Internationally recognised for his work on globalbook1 and futures education, he is now a freelance educator with a particular interest in education for sustain- ability, climate change and the shift to a post-carbon future. For the last twenty years his research, writing and teaching have focused on ways of helping students and teachers think more critically and creatively about sustainable futures. His latest book is Educating for Hope in Troubled Times: Climate change and the transition to a post-carbon future.


The situation we face

In the early 21st century we find ourselves facing a number of unprecedented challenges which will lead to a future markedly different from today, both locally and globally. We know this because changing climate, energy matters and the limits to growth all point towards the urgent need for a post-carbon future. The long transition to such a society will not be easy. One of the key tasks of education therefore is to help young people meet the challenges that lie ahead with confidence and vision.

The educational task

I believe this task has five interrelated strands which are as follows:

GLOBAL ~ Making sense of the world FUTURES ~ Preparing for the future SUSTAINABILITY ~ Thinking and acting sustainably TRANSITION ~ Creating a post-carbon society IDEOLOGY ~ Exploring values and beliefs

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